Empowering Performance Analysis through Video Sharing

Sportstec is a leading provider of performance analysis solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing the way teams analyze and share videos. With Stream, their web-based video sharing platform, teams can access and analyze videos from anywhere, at any time, empowering collaboration and maximizing performance.


  • Develop a web-based video sharing platform called Stream for performance analysis in sports.
  • Enable access to videos on any internet-capable device, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  • Implement secure login permissions to control video access, allowing only authorized personnel to view the content.
  • Create a powerful search matrix for building playlists based on specific events, actions, or players, enhancing video navigation.
  • Enable customization and refinement of searches, saving and loading favorite queries for future use.
  • Implement playlist functionality for viewing and analyzing videos while building personalized playlists.
  • Allow users to post comments on individual clips to customize messages and facilitate discussions.
  • Enable the ability to set the viewing order of playlist videos before saving and sharing.
  • Facilitate the creation of playlists for different recipients or groups, sending email notifications when new playlists are shared.
  • Implement permissions management to provide varying levels of access to players, coaches, and fans, ensuring appropriate content visibility.
  • Enable downloading of playlists to devices for offline viewing, providing flexibility for team members.

Project Outcome

The Sportstec Stream platform revolutionizes performance analysis in sports by providing a seamless video sharing and analysis experience. Its intuitive search and playlist features, combined with flexible permissions and collaborative capabilities, empower teams to maximize their performance potential.

Seamless Video Sharing and Access

Sportstec Stream provides a web-based video sharing platform that allows teams to access videos from anywhere, on any internet-capable device. This flexibility ensures that coaches, players, and other authorized personnel can view videos conveniently, maximizing collaboration and analysis efforts.

Personalized Playlists and Collaboration

Stream’s playlist function enables users to view and analyze videos while building personalized playlists. Users can post comments on individual clips, customizing messages and facilitating discussions. The ability to set the viewing order before saving and sharing playlists ensures that messages are delivered effectively.

Efficient Video Navigation and Search

The powerful search matrix in Stream enables users to build playlists based on specific events, actions, or players. The search functionality allows for search-engine style queries, making it easy to find specific moments within videos. Customization and refinement of searches further enhance the precision of video analysis.

Enhanced Content Visibility and Permissions

Stream’s permissions management feature allows varying levels of access for players, coaches, and fans, ensuring that individuals see only the content relevant to them. Whether through open access or tiered permissions, content visibility is controlled, empowering teams to share videos securely and conveniently.